Covenant-First Presbyterian Church

Vision, Mission, & Disciplines Statement

Vision Statement
Led by Jesus, we are a covenant community that, based on a commitment to a Bible-based Reformed theology, serves and blesses the downtown community, Greater Cincinnati, and the world through living out its mission under the guidance of the Holy Spirit.
Mission Statement
Covenant-first's mission is to praise the Father, proclaim the Son and submit to the perfecting power of the Holy Spirit.

Disciplines for Disciples

We commit to praise and exalt our triune God in our personal, family and corporate worship. We hold a high respect for the traditional forms of worship and we strive for excellence in our worship efforts.
We commit to proclaiming the good news of Jesus Christ through sharing our stories and living changed lives. Every area of our lives is impacted by the gospel and everything we do points to Christ as Lord.
We commit to the study of Scripture as a lifelong pursuit. The Holy Bible is the authoritative and infallible word of God, and it is our guide and rule for life. We also respect and study the theological heritage that has been handed down to use by the church particularly in our confessional documents.
We commit to sharing our lives with one another. As we walk the Christian life we encourage and challenge one another; we care for one another; and we share in the joy of the Lord. We recognize and develop in our members the gifts of the Holy Spirit through education and training.
We commit to following Christ's example of service to glorify Him and keep His commands. Our service reaches out not only to the people of God but to the entire world as an expression of love.
We commit to the wise use of our personal and shared resources for building the Kingdom of God. This includes our time, our gifts, our talents, our relationships, and our goods.