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  • From Cleopatra to Christ
    Click here to download Pastor Smith's devotional guide that accompany's the Cincinnati Museum Center's acclaimed 2011 exhibit, "Cleopatra: The Exhibition."
  • The Gospel According to Star Wars
    Click here to download the internationally popular Bible study series created by CFPC’s own Brook Perkins and taught by Andy Adams. This is a 12-week study that encompasses the three original movies, Episodes IV, V, and VI (1 study per week, 4 weeks per movie).
  • Decoding The Da Vinci Code
    Dan Brown’s bestseller, The Da Vinci Code, is a ripping good page-turner that kept Pastor Smith reading for two days straight. As an action/adventure thriller, the book is a rousing success; however, it has brought about incredible controversy for its theories about Jesus Christ. Because the book spent months atop the bestseller list, and because many of our church members were asking serious questions, Pastor Smith decided to do a two-part seminar answering some of the theological and historical questions that the book raises. Click here to download the PDF of Decoding the Da Vinci Code.
  • A M'Cheyne Devotional
    Brook Perkins created and published a devotional series for the Robert Murray M'Cheyne Bible Reading Plan. The plan takes readers through the Bible in one year and asks readers to read four chapters a day from different parts of the Bible. Brook's devotional asks questions and looks for connections among each of the four readings for the day. It helps us see the deep unity of the Scriptures – a unity centering upon Christ.
    Brook has released his devotional in separate volumes, with each volume covering three months of the year. Click here to purchase Volume 1 of A M'Cheyne Devotional. Other volumes are available for purchase at
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