Covenant-First Presbyterian Church

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Our Vision Statement

Led by Jesus, we are a
covenant community, that,
based on a commitment to
Bible-based Reformed
theology, serves and blesses
the downtown community,
Greater Cincinnati, and the
world through living out its
mission under the guidance
of the Holy Spirit.


Sunday Worship Series: Fruitful Disciplines

For Sunday Worship in January and February, we'll be focusing on "Fruitful Disciplines."  How can we grow spiritually stronger and effective in our Christian lives?  Each week, we're looking at a different aspect of the fruit of the spirt, as listed in Galatians 5:22-23.  Join us at 10:30 on Sundays for this powerful series.  

Feb 22 Wednesday Topic of the Week:  Transhumanism

Last week, tech-billionare Elon Musk made huge headlines when he announced that for humans to stay relevant in the future, they would have to merge with machines. There are people who are already working toward that end - they call themselves "Transhumanists." They envision a brave new world in which humanity evolves beyond its current state into something newer, bolder, and technologically more advanced. It used to be the realm of science-fiction, but now it's becoming serious conversation.

This week, we'll search the scriptures for wisdom in how to think about transhumanism. Join us for worship at noon, followed by soup, salad, and stimulating conversation. Suggested donation for the meal is $3. You're on your own for creating the stimulating conversation.

Note: no cybernetic implants will be administered during this service. 



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